Signed Prints

David Shepherd

Signed, limited edition prints :- "Big Cats of the world"
david shepherd sleepy tigers tiger in the sun david shepherd david shepherd Just Cats davidshepherd-serengetifriends
Sleepy Tigers "Tiger in the sun" "Just Cats" 'Serengeti Friends'
Signed, limited edition Signed, limited edition Signed, limited edition Signed, limited edition

junglegentleman-davidshepherd into the sunlight david shepherd burning bright david shepherd davidshepherd-tigersofbandhavgarh
Jungle Gentleman 'Into the sunlight 'Burning Bright' "The Tigers of Bandhavgarh"
Published 1990 Published 2002 Published 1989 Published 1996

davidshepherd-indiansiesta david shepherd tiger in the snow davidshepherd white tiger of rewa davidshepherd-lonelyvigil
Indian Siesta Tiger in the snow "The White Tiger of Rewa" Lonely Vigil
Published 1988 Silkscreen published 2001 by David Shepherd

davidshepherd cheetah silkscreen print david shepherd zambezi waterhole david shepherd Leopards davidshepherd-africasilk
Cheetah 'African Evening, Zambezi Waterhole' 'Leopards' "Africa"
Silkscreen Published 1992 Silkscreen Published 2002 Silkscreen Published 1997 Silkscreen 1993

davidshepherd-firstlightatsavuti david shepherd savuti sands david shepherd sentinel davidshepherd-tigerfire
First light at Savuti Savuti Sands The Sentinel "Tiger Fire"
Published 1995 Published 1995 signed, limited edition
davidshepherd-twogentlemenofsavuti david shepherd luangwa david shepherd Jaguar davidshepherd-jaguars
Two gentlemen of Savuti Evening in the Luangwa Jaguar 'Jaguars'
Pub. 1991 Pub. 1978 1998 Published 1991
David Shepherd David Shepherd David Shepherd David Shepherd

davidshepherd-cheetahs david shepherd, cheetahs of namibia david shepherd clouded leopard and cubs davidshepherd-bestspotsonhill
"Cheetahs" Cheetahs of Namibia Clouded leopard and cubs Best spots on the hill
1990 1997 1993 David Shepherd

davidshepherd-snowleopardcubcameo david shepherd ocelotcubcameo david shepherd tiger cub cameo david shepherd sketch painting tiger
Snow leopard cub cameo Ocelot cub cameo Tiger cub cameo 'Working sketch for the
Signed, limited edition signed, limited edition painting of a tiger'

davidshepherd-coolwaters david shepherd teenage tiger david shepherd cool tiger davidshepherd-bengaltiger
Cool Waters Teenage Tiger Cool Tiger Bengal Tiger cameo
1987 1992 1992

davidshepherd-lioncubs david shepherd tiger cubs david shepherd tiger sketch 1986 davidshepherd-lionsketch1986
Lion cubs Tigercubs Tiger sketch Lion sketch
date of pub. 1982 1982 1987 1987

david shepherd lion head david shepherd tiger head david shepherd lion cameo davidshepherd-youngafrica
Lion head Tiger head Lion cameo Young Africa
by David Shepherd Published 1992

davidshepherd-snowleopard davidshepherd-cheetahfamily david shepherd quiet time davidshepherd bandipur tiger
Snow Leopard Cheetah family in the Serengeti Quiet Time Bandipur Tiger
David Shepherd David Shepherd Signed, limited edition print Silkscreen

Signed, limited edition prints :- Elephants

david shepherd happy time david shepherd in the masai mara david shepherd old george david shepherd elephant bronze sculpture
Happy Time In the Masai Mara Old George under Elephant Bronze
his favourite Baobab tree David Shepherd

david shepherd elephants and egrets print davidshepherd-luangwaevening david shepherd evening of the elephant david shepherd dusty evening silkscreen
Elephants and Egrets Luangwa Evening Evening of the elephant Dusty Evening
by David Shepherd by David Shepherd by David Shepherd signed, limited edition

david shepherd tembo mzee davidshepherd-crossing david shepherd evening in africa david shepherd elephant heaven
'Tembo Mzee' 'The Crossing' Evening in Africa Elephant Heaven
Published 1980 signed, limited edition Published 1995 David Shepherd

davidshepherd-africanbabies davidshepherd-baobabandfriends david shepherd land of the baobab trees david shepherd three happy jumbos
African Babies Baobab and friends Land of the Baobab tree 'Three Happy Jumbos'
Pub.1992 Pub.1993 signed, limited edition David Shepherd

david shepherd elephants kilaguni babies davidshepherd-mothersmeeting david shepherd african landscape david shepherd old charlie
Kilaguni Babies Mothers Meeting African Landscape Old Charlie
David Shepherd signed, limited print David Shepherd David Shepherd

david shepherd elephant and anthill david shepherd my savuti friend david shepherd heavy traffic david shepherd gentle giant david shepherd amboseli
The Elephant and the Anthill My Savuti Friend Heavy Traffic Gentle Giant Amboseli
David Shepherd David Shepherd David Shepherd David Shepherd David Shepherd
Signed, limited edition prints :- Wildlife of the world
david shepherd evening thunder clouds black rhinoceros david shepherd david shepherd water buck david shepherd serengeti friends print Evening Thunder Clouds Black Rhinoceros Water Buck Signed print Signed print Signed print David Shepherd David Shepherd David Shepherd david shepherd nile cabbage sappi print david shepherd cheetah sappi print david shepherd sappi pride print Nile Cabbage Cheetah The Pride Signed print Signed print Signed print David Shepherd David Shepherd David Shepherd davidshepherd-pandas-pencil davidshepherd-winterinwolong davidshepherd-pandasofwolong davidshepherd last refuge Panda sketch 'Winter in Wolong' Pandas of Wolong "The Last Refuge" Signed print Published September 2003 Published 1994 Silkscreen David Shepherd David Shepherd David Shepherd David Shepherd davidshepherd-waterholetrilogy davidshepherd-highandmighty davidshepherd-koala The Water-hole Trilogy High and Mighty "Koala" Published 1989 Published 1986 Published 1997 david shepherd-zebra sketch davidshepherd zebra mother foal davidshepherd-zebrasandcolonyweavers davidshepherd-aftertherain Zebra Drawing Zebra, mother 'Zebras and Colony weavers' After the rain Signed print and foal, Etosha Published 1981 David Shepherd davidshepherd-egretsandfriends davidshepherd-hotsprings david shepherd elephant seals signed print Egrets and Friends American Bison Elephant seals David Shepherd Signed limited edition print David Shepherd davidshepherd-africanafternoon david shepherd, In the Thick Stuff davidshepherd-arabianoryx davidshepherd-greaterkudu African Afternoon "In the thick stuff" Arabian Oryx Greater Kudu Published 1976 Published 1979 Published 1990 Published 1979 davidshepherd-polarbearcountry davidshepherd-lonelyvigil davidshepherd-lonewanderersofthearctic Polar Bear Country Lonely Vigil Lone Wanderers of the Arctic Published 2001 Published 1994 Pub. 1989 S.L.E. of 1500 davidshepherd-arcticfoxes davidshepherd-mountainlion davidshepherd-icewilderness Arctic Foxes Mountain Lion silkscreen Ice Wilderness Image size 8.75" x 14" 1996 by David Shepherd davidshepherd-Orang-davidshepherd davidshepherd-lowlandgorillas davidshepherd-mountaingorillasofrwanda davidshepherd-inthemistsofrwanda Men of the Woods, Orang-Utans Lowland Gorillas (silkscreen) Mountain gorillas of Rwanda In the mists of Rwanda Image size 17" x 27" Image size 14" x 21" Image size 27" x 18" Silkscreen published 2004 davidshepherd-hotpotami davidshepherd-sundaybest davidshepherd-HappyHippo davidshepherd-babygorilla Hot Potami Sunday Best Happy Hippo Baby Gorilla Published 1985 click image for details Published 1995 signed, limited edition print davidshepherd-rhinoreverie davidshepherd-indianrhino davidshepherd-rhinobeware davidshepherd-black-rhino Rhino Reverie Indian Rhino Rhino Beware Black Rhino cameo 1986 click image for details Pub.1988 by David Shepherd Signed, limited edition prints :- British wildlife and landscapes
davidshepherd-countrycousins davidshepherd-highlandcattle davidshepherd-fredafterhisshampoo Country cousins Highland Cattle Fred after his Shampoo David Shepherd David Shepherd Signed, limited edition davidshepherd-muscovyducks davidshepherd-lifegoeson davidshepherd-roosters davidshepherd-eggssixpenceadozen Muscovy Ducks Life goes on Sept.'40 Roosters Eggs sixpence a dozen by by by by David Shepherd David Shepherd David Shepherd David Shepherd davidshepherd-whilethesunshines davidshepherd-lunchbreak davidshepherd-thisengland davidshepherd-mrspandthekids While the sun shines The Lunchbreak This England Mrs P and the kids by by by by David Shepherd David Shepherd David Shepherd David Shepherd davidshepherd-oldbens davidshepherd-lastleavesofautumn david shepherd, Last Load of Summer davidshepherd-orphans Old Ben's cottage 'Last leaves of Autumn' The last load of summer The Orphans David Shepherd Published 1987 Signed,limited edition of 850 Signed, limited edition davidshepherd-grannie'skitchen davidshepherd-grandpasworkshop davidshepherd-Clockmender'sCat davidshepherd-playtime Grannie's Kitchen Grandpa's Workshop The Clockmender's Cat Playtime Published 1990 Published 1983 by David Shepherd by David Shepherd davidshepherd-isitaladybird davidshepherd-teddy davidshepherd-biscuits davidshepherd-cottagecompanions Is it a Ladybird? 'But teddy doesn't need a ticket' Biscuits 'Cottage companions' Published 1997 Published 1994 by David Shepherd David Shepherd davidshepherd-happyhomefordonkeys davidshepherd-donkeys davidshepherd-donkeytalk davidshepherd-winterfoxes-davidshepherd Happy home for Donkeys Donkeys Donkeytalk Winter Foxes by David Shepherd by David Shepherd by David Shepherd signed, limited edition davidshepherd-ploughteam davidshepherd-summertime davidshepherd-captainandsergeant davidshepherd-porkers Plough Team Summertime Captain and Sergeant "Porkers" Published 1980 Published 1995 Published 1980 Published 1983 davidshepherd-shampootime davidshepherd-oldforge davidshepherd-jimmysforges davidshepherd-bronze-davidshepherd Shampoo Time 'The Old Forge' Jimmy's Forge "The old forge" David Shepherd Published 1982 David Shepherd Bronze shelties-davidshepherd davidshepherd-highnoon davidshepherd-shoeingtime davidshepherd-lazyhazydays 'Shelties' High Noon 'Shoeing Time' Lazy hazy days

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A watercolourist, whose work needs little introduction in the world of art is Sir William Russell Flint.
We stock hundreds of this artist's signed limited edition prints and always a fine selection of his original watercolour paintings.
Throughout his life Sir William Russell Flint has spent many years painting beautiful watercolour images of scenes in France,
in particular Dordogne and the Perigord, where this beautiful holiday house is to let click here
and offers complete tranquility and relaxation.
There are also a number of signed limited edition prints of paintings from Britanny, The Loire, Ardeche, Provence.
We have for sale several original paintings from the south west France, near to the beautiful towns of Brantome and Perigueux and also Languedoc
His work has now become regarded as some of the finest watercolour paintings in the world.
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