Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda

David Shepherd

david shepherd mountain gorillas of rwanda, mounted
Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda
Signed Limited Edition
Published 1994
Image Size 24.25" x 32.75"

Mountain gorillas are descendants of ancestral monkeys and apes found in Africa and Arabia during the start of the Oligocene epoch (3424 million years ago).
The fossil record provides evidence of the hominoid primates (apes) found in east Africa about 2232 million years ago.
The fossil record of the area where mountain gorillas live is particularly poor and so its evolutionary history is not clear.
It was about 8.8 to 12 million years ago that the group of primates that were to evolve into gorillas split from their common ancestor with humans and chimps; this is when the genus Gorilla emerged.
Mountain gorillas have been isolated from eastern lowland gorillas for about 10,000 years and these two taxa separated from their western counterparts approximately 1.2 to 3 million years ago.

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Sir William Russell Flint.
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