Luangwa Evening

David Shepherd

david shepherd luangwa evening
"Luangwa Evening"
Signed Limited Edition print
Published 1990
Image Size:- 12" x 26"
Mint condition.
Price; please call:- 01623 799 309

The Luangwa Rift Valley and rivers within it form a natural barrier, with a very low population density.
The area is well known for its wonderful scenery and the wildlife that roam freely throughout thousands of acres.
This, the steepness of the terrain, and the existence of the wildlife reserves have resulted in no highways crossing the valley
between the Lusaka-Kabwe roads in the west and the Isoka-Chisenga road in the north, a distance of about 800 km.
The lower Luangwa Valley is crossed by just one road, the Great East Road at the Luangwa Bridge, about 10 km south of the Luangwa-Lunsemfwa confluence.
David Shepherd has spent many years painting and drawing during his travels throughout the Luangwa

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