Lion sketch 1986

David Shepherd

davidshepherd lion sketch 1986
Lion sketch.
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When resting, lion socialisation occurs through a number of behaviours; the animal's expressive movements are highly developed.
The most common peaceful, tactile gestures are head rubbing and social licking, which have been compared with the role of allogrooming among primates.
Head rubbing—nuzzling the forehead, face and neck against another lion—appears to be a form of greeting and is seen often after an animal has been apart from others or after a fight or confrontation.
Males tend to rub other males, while cubs and females rub females.[172] Social licking often occurs in tandem with head rubbing; it is generally mutual and the recipient appears to express pleasure.
The head and neck are the most common parts of the body licked; this behaviour may have arisen out of utility because lions cannot lick these areas themselves.

Sir William Russell Flint.
David Shepherd