Fine Art Trade Guild embossed stamps

L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

The machine illustrated in the photograph was used to stamp an embossed stamp on the the signed limited edition print.
The stamp was a guarantee that only the agreed number of signed copies were available for sale, and that any other ,
unstamped copies were destroyed, anf the printing plate that had been used to print the edition was also destroyed
Therefore making the signed limited editions, second best only to the original artwork, and of value.
The maximum amount of prints allowed by The Fine Art Trade Guild in any edition was 850.

guild machine
An electric machine used until recently to stamp Guild approved Limited Editions had 3 wheels.
On each there were ten letters "A" "E" "C" "D" "E" "F" "H" "J" "K" "L"
(no "G" in order to avoid confusion with "J")
Before the electric machine, the prints were stamped manually, and the letters on the wheels changed
Unfortunately, and rather frustratingly.., the Fine Art Trade Guild have lost the records of which letters were used and during which period.

lowry Guild stamp early
Early Guild stamp

guild stamp recent
A more recent Guild stamp

fine art trade guild stamp
Guild stamp position on print

fine art trade guild code list
A translation of the coding system into numerical equivalents.

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