Snoqw leopard cub cameo

David Shepherd

david shepherd snow leopard cub cameo
'Snow Leopard cub cameo'
Signed Limited Edition of 850
Image Size 4.25" x 4.25"
Complete with siver french bound mount
Publication date March 2004

Snow leopards actively pursue prey down steep mountainsides, using the momentum of their initial leap to chase animals for up to 980 ft.
They drag the prey to a safe location and consume all edible parts of the carcass.
They can survive on a single Himalayan blue sheep for two weeks before hunting again, and one adult individual apparently needs 2030 adult blue sheep per year.
Snow leopards have been recorded to hunt successfully in pairs, especially mating pairs.
The snow leopard is capable of killing most animals in its range, with the probable exception of the adult male yak. It also eats a significant amount of vegetation, including grass and twigs.
It has not been reported to attack humans, is easily driven away from livestock and readily abandons kills, often without defending itself.

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