Two Gentlemen of Savuti

David Shepherd

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david shepherd two gentlemen of savuti, print
"Two Gentlemen of Savuti
Signed, limited edition
Date of publication April 1991
Image Size 16" x 27"
Mint condition

Savuti is famous for its mysterious and fascinating channel.
It runs a distance of 100 kilometers from the Chobe River, through a gap in the sand ridge, to the Mababe Depression.
Falling only approximately 18 meters, this channel brings water from the Chobe to Mababe, creating a small marsh where it enters the Depression.
Flowing in Livingstone's time, the channel was dry in 1880, and remained dry for about 70 years.
It flooded again in 1957. Savuti Marsh has been dry for the past 18 years.

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