Cheetahs of Namibia

David Shepherd

david shepherd cheetahs of namibia, print
"Cheetahs of Namibia"
Signed, limited edition
Date of publication 1997
Image Size 28" x 15"
Mint condition
England 01623 799 309

Namibia is the cheetah capital of the world with an incredible 3000
Cheetahs can reach speeds up to 110km per hour.
The Ferrari’s of the animal kingdom!
Unfortunately, the cheetah populations are fast declining as they prefer flat terrain, which is also a prime farming area.
This makes for a tremendous conflict between farmers and cheetahs, and naturally, the cheetah is at a higher risk in this situation.

The Cheetah is a wonderful animal that may not have the physical strength and imposing stature of other wild African cats,
but it has its own special traits that make up for this.
The cheetah is able to run at fantastic speeds, has retractable claws to help with traction and it is a lean and nimble animal that can make turns at incredible speeds.

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