First light at Savuti

David Shepherd

david shepherd first light at Savuti, print
"First Light at Savuti
Signed, limited edition
Date of publication 1995
Image Size 30" x 17"
mint condition, in publisher's original portfolio

Lions are not particularly known for their stamina; for instance, a lioness' heart comprises only 0.57% of her body weight and a male's is about 0.45% of his body weight,
whereas a hyena's heart comprises almost 1% of its body weight.
Thus, lions run quickly only in short bursts and need to be close to their prey before starting the attack.
They take advantage of factors that reduce visibility; many kills take place near some form of cover or at night.
The lion's attack is short and powerful; they attempt to catch prey with a fast rush and final leap.
They usually pull it down by the rump and kill by a strangling bite to the throat.
They also kill prey by enclosing its mouth and nostrils in their jaws.

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