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Today, Shetlands are ridden by children and are shown by both children and adults at horse shows in harness driving classes as well as for pleasure driving outside of the show ring.
Shetlands are ridden by small children at horse shows, in riding schools and stables as well as for pleasure.
They are seen working in commercial settings such as fairs or carnivals to provide short rides for visitors.
They are also seen at petting zoos and sometimes are used for therapeutic horseback riding purposes.
In the United Kingdom, Shetlands are also featured in the Shetland Pony Grand National, galloping around a racecourse with young jockeys.
A few Shetland ponies are still fulfil traditional working roles on the islands, and can be seen carrying peat (which is abundant and used as a fuel source in Shetland) cut from the hillsides in large saddlebags.
Their strong physique and ability to cross a variety of difficult terrain types means they are still a viable choice for the job, even in an age of mechanised agriculture.
Junior Harness Racing was founded in Queensland by a group of breeders to give young people aged 616 an opportunity to obtain a practical introduction to the harness racing industry.
The children have the opportunity to drive Shetland ponies in harness under race conditions. No prize money is payable on pony races, although winners and place-getters receive medallions.

Sir William Russell Flint.
David Shepherd