Will my signed limited edition be an investment?

L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

It is always difficult to speculate, and no one can ever be 100 percent sure. Calculated risk is perhaps the best we can manage.
The work of L.S.Lowry, has seen a dramatic increase in prices since the 1960's.
Not only with his original paintings and drawings, but with the signed, limited edition prints and lithographs.
Looking at the present results, we can see that L.S.Lowry's work has been, and most likely will continue to be, a very attractive financial investment.

A common factor with these and other early-20th-century artists, such as Adrian Heath or John Cecil Stephenson, is the role that dealers have been playing,
working with living artists or their estates, to promote their work through exhibitions that in turn trigger demand in the salerooms.

But the king of the Modern British sales, who needs no such trigger, is L S Lowry, whose inimitable paintings of the industrial north populated with "matchstick" men and women are among the most popular in Britain.

In 1995, a large number of works from the collection of Lowry's close friend and early supporter, the Rev Geoffrey Bennett, were sold, Lowry has now become the most
heavily traded artist in the Modern British sales. He has also proved one of the safest investments for collectors. According to art-sales analysts Art Market Research,
the top 25 per cent of his works sold have grown by 20 per cent a year since 1997. Average prices at auction have more than doubled in the past year alone.

In 1999, a painting of crowds going to a football match broke the £1 million barrier for the first time when it was bought by the Football Association for £1.9 million.
2006, saw two more paintings being sold for more than £1 million, and in 2007 there were five.
The highest price was acheived at Christie's in June, 2007 when his masterpiece, Good Friday, Daisy Nook, last sold in 1970 for £16,000, was bought by London dealer Richard Green for £3.7 million.

The price, astonishingly, placed Lowry above Hepworth, Nicholson and Hockney in the auction tables. It also surpassed anything fetched by Frank Auerbach or Bridget Riley,
whose best works are placed in the international contemporary art sales. As for Henry Moore, only one work, a massive bronze, has sold for more....

Since these sales, Lowry's work has continued to soar in both price and demand, with no signs of slowing down.
May, 2011 'The Football Match' was sold for £5.6 million
November, 2011 'Picadilly Circus' sold for £5.6 million

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