Sappi collection 'The Pride'

David Shepherd

david shepherd sappi pride print

The Pride
Signed Limited Edition of 500
Image Size 18" x 13"
One of the SAPPI Collection entitled "David Shepherd in South Africa"

The lion is the most social of all wild felid species, living in groups of related individuals with their offspring.
Such a group is called a 'pride'.
Groups of male lions are called 'coalitions'.
Females form the stable social unit in a pride and do not tolerate outside females.
Membership changes only with the births and deaths of lionesses, although some females leave and become nomadic.
The average pride consists of around 15 lions, including several adult females and up to four males and their cubs of both sexes.
Large prides, consisting of up to 30 individuals, have been observed.
The sole exception to this pattern is the Tsavo lion pride that always has just one adult male.
Male cubs are excluded from their maternal pride when they reach maturity at around two or three years of age.

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