Teddy doesn't have a ticket

David Shepherd

david shepherd  teddy doesn't need a ticket print
"But Teddy doesn't need a ticket."
Signed Limited Edition of 850
Date of publication 1993
Image Size 17" x 12"

Obviously a big day for Teddy, off on his summer holidays.
Coastal towns like: Blackpool, Scarborough, Llandudno and Brighton quickly grew into popular holiday resorts.
The working classes went there on day trips from the factory towns. Wealthier people went for a week in the summer, staying in hotels or guest houses.
They could travel by train or by carriage.
It had long been fashionable for very rich families to move between town and country depending on the season and to visit the seaside to 'take the air'.
A trip to the seaside was still an exciting treat.

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