Cheetah family

David Shepherd

david shepherd cheetahs serengeti family print
"Cheetahs family in the Serengeti"
Signed, limited edition of 950
Date of publication November 2006
Image Size 14.5" x 28"
Published price £282 inc. vat
Complete with french bound mount £359

"The cheetah is one of my favourite cats being regal in disposition. Yet this beautiful animal is touched with sadness as when it
goes hunting, it so often loses out to the competition from lions, hyenas, even jackals and other predators.
Unfortunately only one or two survive in a litter, so this beautiful animal deserves all the help it can get from conservationists ." David Shepherd
£30 from the sale of each print will be donated to the Wildlife Foundation for local community projects in Africa and India
and to help in the fight against poaching.

30 years experience and a collection of hundreds of David Shepherd signed, limited edition prints in the UK!

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