David Shepherd

david shepherd  orphans, cows, cattle print
"The Orphans"
Signed Limited Edition of 950
Date of publication 1993
Image Size 15.5" x 9"

'Calf' is the term used from birth to weaning, when it becomes known as a weaner or weaner calf, though in some areas the term 'calf' may be used until the animal is a yearling.
The birth of a calf is known as calving.
A calf that has lost its mother is an orphan calf, also known as a poddy or poddy-calf in British English.
Bobby calves are young calves which are to be slaughtered for human consumption.
A vealer is a fat calf weighing less than about 330 kg (730 lb) which is at about eight to nine months of age.
A young female calf from birth until she has had a calf of her own is called a heifer.
In the American Old West, a motherless or small, runty calf was sometimes referred to as a dogie.

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