L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

Over thirty years specializing in L.S. Lowry's limited edition prints

It seems that there is a need to clarify certain beliefs or misconceptions regarding Lowry's signed limited edition prints and those of other artists.

I have noticed more potential clients asking which number in the edition is a certain title..?
All Lowry's signed limited editions are photo lithos, which basically means that when they were published, the entire edition was identical.
ie. There is no difference in condition or value between any particular number.

This reasoning stems from the 'old days' when prints were produced by hand on an etched plate... it was considerd that the earlier numbers were clearer.
These days the quality of printing far exeeds the old printing techniques, and it is impossible to see any difference even between the original Ganymed lithographs.
It should be noted however that the condition of the print is of utmost importance, and it is imperative that it has been kept well for the last 50 or so years,
as no conservation framing or special museum UV blocking glass existed in the early days.

It is a good idea to use conservation framing and museum glass on your work, but..
it is the print's present condition that should be considered initially, as it is no good to 'close the gate after the horse has bolted'.

people have been told that it is always better (more valuable) to retain the original framing.
This is quite simply nonsense.

Many prints have been poorly framed in the 1970's attached with sellotape, in mounts that were not acid free.
The value is in the work itself, not the frame.
Some people prefer to leave the work in their original frames to give a little extra character and authenticity , but it most definately does not help the overall value.

Again, this reasoning comes from antiques, or classic cars, where it is essential to retain as near as possible the original parts.
I repeat... the frame is of no significance..!

Some people have been told that the Lowry market has 'peaked' (in order to get them to sell their prints)...
These are usually people considering whether or not to sell their pictures;

If they were told that the Lowry market was very strong and showed no signs of slowing down.. they would probably be much less likely to part with their treasured items.

We have specialised in Lowry's work for over 30 years and have never seen the market as strong and bouyant as it is today.
Most of the signed prints are 50+ years old and there exists only a fraction of the edition left in good condition (many have been lost discarded, damaged, faded etc.)

A large original painting can easily sell for millions of pounds, and the signed limited editions always move alongside percentage wise.
Lowry's work is now considered amongst the most sought after of British artists.

His simple minimalistic style, appeals to all ages and perfectly suits today's modern decor.

Many large galleries and corporations are 'hoovering up' all signed limited editions by Lowry that become available, and as a consequence we have seen a sharp increase in prices.
His work looks set to be an excellent investment, and you should carefully consider before parting with your work.

Certain titles are more suscepible to fading than others...
We shall atempt to list the publishers, the titles they have produced, and how susceptible they are to fading.

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