Waterbuck; Sappi

David Shepherd

david shepherd water buck print

Water Buck
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One of the SAPPI Collection entitled "David Shepherd in South Africa"

The waterbuck has a robust build. The shaggy coat is reddish brown to grey, and becomes progressively darker with age. Males are darker than females.
Though apparently thick, the hair is sparse on the coat.
The hair on the neck is, however, long and shaggy.
When sexually excited, the skin of the waterbuck secretes a greasy substance with the odour of musk, giving it the name 'greasy kob'.
The odor of this is so unpleasant that it repels predators.
This secretion also assists in water-proofing the body when the animal dives into water.
The facial features include a white muzzle and light eyebrows and lighter insides of the ears.
A cream-coloured patch (called 'bib') is on the throat.
Waterbuck are characterised by a long neck and short, strong, black legs.
Females have two nipples.
Preorbital glands, foot glands, and inguinal glands are absent.
The common waterbuck and the defassa waterbuck are remarkably different in their physical appearances.
Measurements indicate greater tail length in the latter, whereas the common waterbuck stands taller than the defassa waterbuck.
However, the principal differentiation between the two types is the white ring of hair surrounding the tail on the rump, which is a hollow circle in the common waterbuck, but covered with white hair in the defassa waterbuck.
The long, spiral horns curve backward, then forward.
Found only on males, the horns range from 55 to 99 cm (22 to 39 in) in length.
To some extent, the length of the horns is related to the bull's age.
A rudimentary horn in the form of a bone lump may be found on the skulls of females. /p Back to David Shepherd signed prints for sale