Winter in Wolong

David Shepherd

david shepherd winter in wolong
"Winter in Wolong"
Signed Limited Edition print of 950
Image Size:- 22" x 18.5"
Published:- 2003

In 2020, Wolong Natural Nature Reserve became part of the Giant Panda National Park.
It was established to improve living and mating conditions for the fragmented populations of pandas by combining 67 small natural reserves.
With a size of 10,500 square miles the park is roughly three times as large as Yellowstone National Park.
The state-owned Bank of China helped to enable the giant project with 1.5 billions USD.
A major aim is to permanently stabilize the panda population in size and making avoid inbreeding, which is a risk for the vitality and health of small, isolated populations.
A low genetic variety makes the individuals less resilient to various health threats and genetic mutation.
Allowing a larger group of individuals to roam through a larger area freely enables them to choose from a greater variety of mates and helps to enrich genetic diversity of their offsprings.

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