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L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

The photographic lithograph prints are 40-50 years old, and personally signed by L.S. Lowry.
They date mainly from 1960s-1970s

We hold over 200 signed limited editions by Lowry, however...
Both stock, availability, and prices change frequently.

We try to have a complete collection of the artist's published work for sale, usually only one of each title,
but invariably some titles may not be found for years.

The condition is of the utmost importance and we do our best to buy and sell only work that is in excellent condition.
A phone call or email will confirm the price and availability of any work to date.

Misinformation about L.S. Lowry prints
1) The edition number is of absolutely no importance.
(These signed, limited edition prints are photo lithos... and when published.. the whole edition was absolutely identical)
There is no difference in condition or value between any particular number.
This reasoning comes from the days of original etchings, where a plate was etched and then inked;
each etching was produced by hand, and it was thought that the earlier copies were slightly clearer.

2) It is more valuable if kept in its original framing?
This is definately not the case.
In the 1960s and 1970s there was no UV blocking glass, acid free paper , light fast inks; conservation framing.
Prints were often framed to a very poor standard, attached with sellotape and/or heatsealed onto board.
The value of the work is purely in the print, and determined by the care that has been taken to look after it over the last 50+ years.
The frame has absolutely no value.

Due to age, many prints are in extremely poor condition.
You will notice many different prices for the same title.
Not always, but often, this can be due to the condition of the work.
A scratched, reworked, faded print, can be of little value.
It is imperative you have 100% trust in the dealer/gallery from where you wish to purchase.

All the work we sell is in pristine condition, and comes with our certificate of authenticity.
After 30 years of specializing in Lowry's work, you may rest assured that any picture purchased from us,
will be in excellent condition and substantially less than most retail galleries.

The service has always been excellent, reliable,and efficient
I thoroughly recommend a visit to the delightful Cornwater Gallery.
A.D.S. London

A thoroughly proffessional service, I will definately use his company again.....
M H Lincs.

A very nice and professional business; and excellent sales manner
D.Y. Cheshire

Telephone:- England 01623 799 309

Visit the the studio in Nottinghamshire, the largest collection of LS Lowry artist signed, limited edition prints in the UK.
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The work of Mr L.S. Lowry has become of great artistic and financial importance of recent years.
A selection of his signed prints and drawings can be viewed and bought here
Our aim is to offer our clients an excellent service at unbeatable prices.