While the suns shines

David Shepherd

david shepherd while the sun shines
"While the sun shines"
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Published 1986
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Modern farms in developed countries are highly mechanized.
In the United States, livestock may be raised on range, land and finished in feedlots and the mechanization of crop production has brought about a great decrease in the number of agricultural workers needed.
In Europe, traditional family farms are giving way to larger production units.
In Australia, some farms are very large because the land is unable to support a high stocking density of livestock because of climatic conditions.
In less developed countries, small farms are the norm, and the majority of rural residents are subsistence farmers, feeding their families and selling any surplus products in the local market.Acres can hold the crops.
There are about 570 million farms in the world, with most of which are small and family-operated.
Small farms with a land area of less than 2 hectares operate about 1% of the world's agricultural land, and family farms comprise about 75% of the world's agricultural land.

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