Lazy hazy days

David Shepherd

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Lazy Hazy Days
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Published 1992
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Horses are prey animals with a strong fight-or-flight response.
Their first reaction to a threat is to startle and usually flee, although they will stand their ground and defend themselves when flight is impossible or if their young are threatened.
They also tend to be curious; when startled, they will often hesitate an instant to ascertain the cause of their fright, and may not always flee from something that they perceive as non-threatening.
Most light horse riding breeds were developed for speed, agility, alertness and endurance; natural qualities that extend from their wild ancestors.
However, through selective breeding, some breeds of horses are quite docile, particularly certain draft horses.
However, a gray horse whose hair coat is completely 'white' will still have black skin (except under markings that were white at birth) and dark eyes.
This is how to discern a gray horse from a white horse.

Sir William Russell Flint.
David Shepherd