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David Shepherd

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Signed, limited edition prints :- "Big Cats of the world"

david shepherd signed limited edition print sleepy tigers signed limited edition print tiger in the sun david shepherd david shepherd signed limited edition print Just Cats davidshepherd signed limited edition print serengeti friends Sleepy Tigers "Tiger in the sun" "Just Cats" 'Serengeti Friends' limited edition print David Shepherd limited edition print David Shepherd signed limited edition print jungle gentleman david shepherd into the sunlight david shepherd signed limited edition print burning bright david shepherd david shepherd signed limited edition print tigers of bandhavgarh Jungle Gentleman 'Into the sunlight 'Burning Bright' "The Tigers of Bandhavgarh" Published 1990 David Shepherd Published 1989 David Shepherd davidshepherd-indiansiesta david shepherd tiger in the snow david shepherd signed limited edition print white tiger of rewa davidshepherd-lonelyvigil Indian Siesta Tiger in the snow "The White Tiger of Rewa" Lonely Vigil Published 1988 David Shepherd Silkscreen published 2001 by David Shepherd davidshepherd cheetah silkscreen print david shepherd zambezi waterhole david shepherd Leopards david shepherd signed limited edition print africa silkscreen Cheetah 'African Evening, Zambezi Waterhole' 'Leopards' "Africa" Silkscreen Published 1992 Silkscreen Published 2002 Silkscreen Published 1997 Silkscreen 1993 limited edition print David Shepherd limited edition print David Shepherd davidshepherd-firstlightatsavuti david shepherd savuti sands david shepherd sentinel davidshepherd-tigerfire First light at Savuti Savuti Sands The Sentinel "Tiger Fire" limited edition print David Shepherd limited edition print David Shepherd davidshepherd-twogentlemenofsavuti david shepherd luangwa david shepherd Jaguar davidshepherd-jaguars Two gentlemen of Savuti Evening in the Luangwa Jaguar 'Jaguars' Pub. 1991 Pub. 1978 1998 Published 1991 David Shepherd Signed, limited editionprint David Shepherd David Shepherd davidshepherd, cheetahs cheeths of namibia, david shepherd david shepherd clouded leopard and cubs davidshepherd-bestspotsonhill "Cheetahs" Cheetahs of Namibia Clouded leopard and cubs Best spots on the hill 1990 1997 1993 David Shepherd davidshepherd-snowleopardcubcameo david shepherd ocelotcubcameo david shepherd tiger cub cameo david shepherd sketch painting tiger Snow leopard cub cameo Ocelot cub cameo Tiger cub cameo 'Working sketch for the Signed, limited edition signed, limited edition Signed, limited editionprint painting of a tiger' davidshepherd-coolwaters david shepherd teenage tiger david shepherd cool tiger davidshepherd-bengaltiger Cool Waters Teenage Tiger Cool Tiger Bengal Tiger cameo 1987 1992 1992 Signed, limited editionprint davidshepherd-lioncubs david shepherd tiger cubs david shepherd tiger sketch 1986 davidshepherd-lionsketch1986 Lion cubs Tigercubs Tiger sketch Lion sketch date of pub. 1982 1982 1987 Signed, limited editionprint david shepherd lion head david shepherd tiger head david shepherd lion cameo davidshepherd-youngafrica Lion head Tiger head Lion cameo Young Africa by David Shepherd Signed, limited editionprint Published 1992 davidshepherd-snowleopard davidshepherd-cheetahfamily david shepherd quiet time davidshepherd bandipur tiger Snow Leopard Cheetah family in the Serengeti Quiet Time Bandipur Tiger David Shepherd David Shepherd Signed, limited edition print Silkscreen

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In the heart of Sir William Russell Flint country, deep in south west France, near to the beautiful towns of Brantome
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