Google Doodle

L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

Google has recently paid tribute to the birth of L.S. Lowry well known British artist Laurence Stephen Lowry, 125 years after his birth.

Born in Lancashire he is famous for his drawings of industrial landscapes in north England and matchstick style figures.
He lived and worked in the Salford area and around Pendlebury, for over 40 yrs.

Google made it's homepage in the image of one of Lowry's landscape paintings which shows the current day's importance of this artist. Laurence Stephen Lowry the Lancashire artist, well known by many as L.S. Lowry, was honoured by Google with a doodle to celebrate his birthday, one hundred and twenty five years ago.

In the style of Lowry's well known 'industrial landscapes', Google made a statement using a drawing on its homepage to pay homage to this great artist.

google doodle
Google regularly celebrates and illustrates the work of individuals who have contributed to the arts.

This year will be a major event for Lowry's work; The Tate Britain is showing the 1st major exhibition of Lowry's work, since he died in 1976. Approximately 80 paintings and drawings will be on display, which will undoubtedly greatly increase the value and popularity of his work. Lowry's paintings, drawings and signed prints have already become a major investment in recent years. It is amusing to think how Lowry may consider the recent honours for his paintings. He apparently holds the record for declining the most honours.
A large gallery 'The Lowry' in Manchester cost £106 million and was built in his honour in the year two thousand. permanent display there are dozens of drawings and 55 paintings.

Arctic foxes
at readiness
bengal tiger
bufallo big five
leopards, big five
rhino, big five
big cats
teddy doesn't need a ticket
cheetah cameo
cheetah sketch
elephant pencil
giants at rest
guildford sheds
high and mighty
how to market your art
Jaguars page
lazy hazy days
lowland gorillas
lunch break
old Ben's
over the forth
portrait of a tiger
portrait-painting, drawings
world wildlife
Dhala road
rhino beware
signed prints
Tahili fort
lone wanderers
waterhole trilogy
Zambezi sawmill
artwiseinvestmentsforbritishartcreations bank failure
Britain at Play
church street
clogger's shop
contraption sketch
francis terrace
going to the match
going to work
hill side
how to store art drawings
level crossing Burton
levl crossing with train
outside the mill 1930
northern town
four girls
four unknown paintings
girl in a red dress
lodging house
Newcastle going home fromm school
outside a mill
garden party
original, polling station
post office
regent street, Lytham
original, terrace, peel park
trawler off Sunderland
view from a widow, Broughton
painting comes to life
the park
man taken ill
pencil sketch found
seaside promenade
crime lake
st. Luke's
stockport photo
studio 2
tall man
view of a town
Berwick, original
Staugustineschurch, drawing, 2
st. simons church oil
ststephenschurch, Salford
delta roll