Tahili Fort, Buraimi

David Shepherd

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david shepherd  tahili fort Buraimi poster framed print
tahili fort Buraimi
by David Shepherd

Al Buraimi Governorate is a governorate of Oman which was split from the Ad Dhahirah Region.
Until October 2006, the area was part of Ad Dhahirah Region.
At this time, the new governorate was created from the Wilayats of Al Buraymi and Mahdah.
A third wilayat, As-Sunaynah, was created from parts of the two.
Apart from that both are in the area of the Western Hajar Mountains,
the surrounding landscape of Al-Buraimi differs from that of Al-Ain, consisting mainly of wide open gravel plains and sharp jutting rocks
(The sohar gap found to the east of the Buraimi township is an example of this),
Samr (Acacia spp.) and Ghaf (Prosopis cineraria) trees are fairly common on these gravel plains.

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