Great Known Works Of Art In The World

L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

Great Known Works Of Art In The World The term art is a general term that is used to refer to the image creations in many fields such as paintings, photography and even in architecture. Paintings require great skill in order to be able to develop a piece of work that is attractive and also one that carries in itself rich message content. The history of paintings is very developed whereby there has been the separation of the main components of paintings such that there is the science and craft categorization. Creative paintings are subdivided further according to the painting technique and medium. The medium is the material from which the painting is made from. A painting form refers to the specific shape and design an artist takes to describe their works. Most of the ancient forms of paintings are mainly got from auction centers whereby they are highly valuable mainly due to their originality. There are great paintings stocked in many museums and exhibition centers in the world today. One of the most famous painting is Mona Lisa painting done by an Italian based artist, Leonardo da Vinci. This artist is one of the most known artists of all time and as such his works fetch a very good price in the auctions. The painting is commonly referred to as very enigmatic and hence has received a lot of speculation in the world all over. The painting is also featured in history as the theft of the century after it was stolen in 1911 but was recovered shortly. Paul Cezanne is yet another widely known artist whose work has been exceedingly approved and is highly sought after by many people in the world today. His main areas of interest include nature and geometric art forms. His works include a beautiful painting of a flower vase that has magnificent color touches of purple and golden origin. The paintings of Monet are also ranked among the leading artistic works of all times. The artist, Monet, mainly settled on nature and in specific on the water plant such as waterlillies. His work is still relevant even in the common day as it has never lost its originality. The price of most of the ancient paintings is actually very high with the price of the cheapest one going for about $50 million. A closer look at the prices of specific works such as the card players painted in 1892 by George Embiricos hit the world record after it was bough for $254 million by Qatar Royal family at a private auction house. Ancient paintings on culture are also still found even in the present day. A painting such as Diana and Actaeon by Titian, the great Italian artist is one perfect example of an ancient art on culture. The painting is mainly on how early Italians used to survive in the caves. However, some rare artistic paintings such as that of Titan are taken on world wide tour for displays whereby they are mainly aimed at getting familiarized with the populations. The tours are organized for specific countries in each continent. David Tatham has been working in the world of fine arts for over many years and his David Shepherd prints and paintings website contains a wealth of information, also hundreds signed, limited edition prints and original works of art by world renowned wildlife artist, David Shepherd .

wildlife artist David Shepherd,here
William Russell Flint whose paintings and signed prints are regsarded as some of the finest watercolours in the world. Click here

The work of Mr L.S. Lowry has become of great artistic and financial importance of recent years. A selection of his prints and paintings can be viewed here
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