David Shepherd

Renowned artist recalls fond memories of Northern Ireland

From Royal portraits to gracing the walls of Del Boy's flat in Only Fools and Horses, artist David Shepherd has transcended barriers to become an artist known by everyone, whether you are an art connoisseur or someone who just likes a nice picture. It is almost certain that most people will know the work of the renowned wildlife artist and conservationist, whether it is simply to recognise his 'Wise Old Elephant' portrait that was proudly displayed in the Trotter's home in the famous sitcom.

shepherd anita harris
David and Avril Shepherd with Lorraine Chase and Anita Harris at Hillsborough Castle .

However, David Shepherd, CBE, is so much more than a famous artist. From working with Royalty to raising over £5 million through the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, he has a long and varied career.

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