Ranthambore Tiger

David Shepherd

david shepherd ranthambore tiger giclee
'The Ranthambore Tiger'
Date of publication December 2007
Giclee on canvas
Edition size 55
Image Size 16" x 32"
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"On my last visit to Ranthambore in India, this tiger came right up to my vehicle,
and I will never forget how I felt as it looked at me; was it the last one I would ever see,
such is the critical plight of these wonderful animals in the wild?" David Shepherd.

Ranthambore National park is spread over an area of 392 sq km. along with its nearby sanctuaries like, the Mansingh Sanctuary and Kaila Devi Sanctuary.
The park is majorly famous for its tigers, and is one of the best locations in India to see the majestic predators in its natural habitat.

artist L.S.Lowry.
Sir William Russell Flint.
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