Shapes and Sizes

L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.
lowry shapes and sizes lithograph signed print
"Shapes and Sizes"
Signed original lithograph edition of 75
Image size 19"x 24"

Ganymed Lithographs
These are original lithographs drawn for the purpose, and not existing in any other form.
They are published in limited editions of 75. Each copy is numbered and has been signed by the artist.
All lithographs are printed in black with a tint background.
Due to the lenghty 'hands-on' process and the fact that no two lithographs are identical, they are widely regarded as 'original' prints.

Shapes and Sizes has a dark almost macabre prescence; the characters, all of whom Lowry would have seen, are busy with their daily lives; the black and white images portray an air of desperation and a passive acceptance of their lives.
Lowry became absorbed by these characters and found them of great interest.

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