Up a Gum Tree

David Shepherd

davidshepherd up a gum tree
"Up a gum tree"
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Published:- September 2004
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What Is a Gum Tree? A gum tree is a species of tree that is part of the Myrtle family. There are 12 distinct species of gum trees, and each of them is called 'gum tree' because of the thick sap that oozes out of the trunk when they sustain any sort of damage.
Gum, in botany, adhesive substance of vegetable origin, mostly obtained as exudate from the bark of trees or shrubs belonging to the family Fabaceae (Leguminosae) of the pea order Fabales.
Some plant gums are used in the form of water solutions in the manufacture of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and foods.
Sweetgum wood is used to make veneer, plywood, cabinets and furniture.
The gum from these trees has been used as chewing gum and even employed to concoct medicines and salves to cure a variety of ailments, treat wounds and serve as an important ingredient in adhesives.

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