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What is the most common sheep breed in the UK?
With ewes, the Texel, Lleyn and Bluefaced Leicester have increased in number, but hill breeds are in decline.
Falling numbers of Scottish Blackface, Swaledale and Welsh Mountain are responsible for much of this drop.
Despite this fall, these three key hill breeds still account for over 20% of all ewes. Sheep husbandry is practised throughout the majority of the inhabited world, and has been fundamental to many civilizations.
In the modern era, Australia, New Zealand, the southern and central South American nations, and the British Isles are most closely associated with sheep production.
There is a large lexicon of unique terms for sheep husbandry which vary considerably by region and dialect.
Use of the word sheep began in Middle English as a derivation of the Old English word sceap; it is both the singular and plural name for the animal.
A group of sheep is called a flock. Many other specific terms for the various life stages of sheep exist, generally related to lambing, shearing, and age.
Being a key animal in the history of farming, sheep have a deeply entrenched place in human culture, and find representation in much modern language and symbology.
As livestock, sheep are most often associated with pastoral, Arcadian imagery. Sheep figure in many mythologies, such as the Golden Fleece, and major religions, especially the Abrahamic traditions.
In both ancient and modern religious ritual, sheep are used as sacrificial animals.

L.S. Lowry.
Sir William Russell Flint.

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