Berwick visits

L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

For many years, Lowry enjoyed visiting the north east seaside town of Berwick.
He enjoyed the character of the placeand its people.
Throughout the time he produced well over 30 paintings and drawings of the town,
although only one has been publishied as a signed limited edition.
It is titled simply 'Berwick-on-Tweed'
and is one of the most sought after of Lowry's published works.

lowry berwick-on-tweed signed print
Signed, limited edition of 650
Published by the Medici society in 1973
Courtesy of Ronald Lyon
Printed in Austria
Stamped by the fine art trade guild
Image size 21"x 17"
A fine original painting of Berwick market place
It was sold several years ago for £540,000.
Bought in 1945 for thirty guineas
Lowry has become a celebrated character in Berwick-on-Tweed,
A 'Lowry Trail' has been made, which marks the places he has walked and sketched during his many visits.

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Lowry Prints and Lithographs.
There are approximately 54 signed Lowry prints (signed, limited edition print titles) by and 17 lithographic prints.
Approximately 26 unsigned, Lowry limited edition prints.
Numerous open edition, poster prints of decorative not numbered or personally signed, of decorative value only, were published.
The signed prints usually have an embossed stamp, by the Fine art trade guild, or that of the publisher.
Some print titles are simply signed by the artist and numbered.
Several print titles eg. 'Mill scene' print, 'Level crossing' print, and 'Market scene' print are simply signed in pencil by L.S. Lowry.
But not stamped or numbered, although they are limited edition prints (editions of 750).

Lowry both liked and understood these industrial areas, Lowry had no need to travel abroad, journeying from one side of the city to the other gave him all the depth he required for his paintings. One of his first reviewers, Bernard Taylor, commented in 1921. Lowry's portrait of Lancashire is more grimly like that of a caricature, because it is done with the intimacy of affection.

He emphasises violently everything that industrialism has done to make the aspect of Lancashire more forbidding than that of most other places. Many of us may comfort ourselves a little with contemplating suburban roads, parks, or gardens in public squares, or with the lights and colours of morning or sunset. L.S.Lowry has refused all comfortable delusions. Lowry has kept his vision as fresh as if he had come suddenly into the most forbidding part of Hulme or Ancoats under the gloomiest skies after a holiday in France or Italy'

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The work of Mr L.S. Lowry has become of great artistic and financial importance of recent years. A selection of his prints and paintings can be viewed here L.S. Lowry
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