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Facts About Fine Art Art usually takes many forms. It can be in forms of paintings, the way people dress, the way people decorate their homes, prints and how someone will express themselves. All these help to create the entire concept. It takes a keen eye to notice something unique and special. The way people express and interpret it is different therefore this brings about the beauty and uniqueness. From a very long time, art has been a platform that people have been able to invest in. There are many portraits and paintings that people have acquired ain the past that are highly valued now. Their value keeps appreciating and therefore it would appear to be a good idea to invest in this commodity. Most of the most expensive works of art are usually sold at exhibitions. Some of the highest prices paid can exceed a hundred million pounds. Sometimes they are sold for a certain charitable event so that money is acquired to fund the charity. There are very many exhibitions that are usually staged in order to help bring art awareness and to showcase the work of a budding artist or one who has been in this trade for a long period of time. Certain investors have specialized in a particular style of work or artist. They usually collect different artworks over a period of time, and will hold them for a period of timeuntil the market is at its best. The art can be sold for an enormous price as demand outreaches supply and many buyers prefer unique pieces that are antique and that have not been seen in the market of late. One is usually not sure how much the pieces will go for because the prices are usually very unstable. It would be wrong to say that the markets in this field are anything close to predictable. When it comes to paintings, there are different types of ways that they can be categorized as. First of all, the time period that it was made will help to characterize it. The style in which they were made, the person who made it and the kind of message that they were trying to portray is also vital. There are different media with which they can be used when producing a painting. The three different types of media, usually involve, watercolour, acrylics and oil. The style is quite dependant on the type of media used. They could be expressed in abstract form which will include lines, color and dots that are not easy identifiable. On the other hand, they can be in real life forms. Limited editions by various well known artists are very sought after by many people. They will include a famous signature from the person who made the piece itself. Because of the personal signature they have a form of authenticity and are very special. It is quite usual for them to be pricier than limited edition prints that have not been signed. It is a way of the artist authenticating his work and approving the reproduction. Prints and paintings often present art in some of its finest forms and shapes. People should consider it as a new investment venture, or atleast they should have it as a decration and enjoy it in their homes. David Tatham has been working in the world of fine arts for many years. His website contains a wealth of information, also hundreds signed, limited edition prints and original works of art by world renowned artists. www.lowry.co.uk wildlife artist,David Shepherd
William Russell Flint whose paintings and signed prints are regsarded as some of the finest watercolours in the world. Click Russell Flint
Famous for his portraits of Cecilia, Flint's greastest works illustrate the architecture and landscape throughout rural France
The work of Mr L.S. Lowry has become of great artistic and financial importance of recent years. A selection of his prints and paintings can be viewed Lowry
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