pencil drawings

L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

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Drawings can turn up quite unexpectedly.
We are extremely particular about the subject matter and the provenance.
If either of the above are not 100% we do not take the work in as stock

These days, Lowry's paintings have been nationally recognized of great artistic importance as a period in British history that not only transformed the country, but touched thousands of lives.
His large industrial paintings can easily achieve several million pounds, and by all accounts they are set to continue to be investments of the highest order.
His signed, limited editions have moved alongside the original artwork and over the years we have seen a good increase in the value of his signed, prints.
Being more affordable than the original paintings, Lowry's signed limited editions have becomevery sought after,
and coupled with the fact that most are around 50 years old and many are now damaged lost, or destroyed, only a fraction of the original edition remains.

lowry signed limited edition print paintings studio 5
slowry igned limited edition print paintings studio 4

David Shepherd,
RussellFlint whose paintings and signed, prints are highly revered.
Dordogne house to let
Mr L.S.Lowry's work has become of great artistic and financial importance in recent years.
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