Action at Mirbat

David Shepherd

david shepherd, action at Mirbat, military
Action at Mirbat
Limited edition of 500
signed by David Shepherd

Mirbat is a coastal town in the Dhofar governorate, in southwestern Oman.
It is located at about 16 degrees 59'19?N 54 degrees 41'32?E.
It was the site of the 1972 Battle of Mirbat between Communist guerrillas on one side and the Armed forces of the Sultan of Oman and their Special Air Service advisers.
At 6 am on 19 July 1972 the PFLOAG attacked the British Army Training Team (BATT) house, which housed the nine SAS soldiers, based just outside the Port of Mirbat.
The PFLOAG (locally known as the Adoo) attacked the SAS BATT house knowing that to be able to reach the Port of Mirbat they would first have to defeat the SAS guarding the approach to the town in Jebel Ali,
a series of small desert slopes leading to the Port.

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