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L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

lowry photo 2

Lowry holding up a painting of 'The Lost Child' at his home in Lancashire, The Elms
Smartly dressed, in a suit with tie, his expression is one of a serious nature,
which we can see indicates nothing frivolous or naive about his paintings.
on the contrary, something quite serious and emmotional.
This painting is quite similar to a signed limited edition print titled 'Man holding child'

Photos of Lowry
Sold paintings
L.S. Lowry, 1968 Salford
Lowry at 'The Elms'
Lowry reflecting on past events
Lowry inspecting painting of Tanker
L.S. Lowry in his studio 1968
Lowry at 'The Elms'
Lowry at his home, Salford, 1968
The Lost Child, 1968
Street scene 1968
Market day, Salford, 1968
Salford, 1968