L.S. Lowry R.B.A., R.A.
Francis Terrace, Salford

Lowry wrote to a friend, "To my loss, country lanes have been foreign to me, for quite a while past, for alas my recreation seems to have developed into drifting amongst all the back streets etc I can come across."

Original Signed, Limited Edition Lithographic prints

Ganymed Lithographs
These are original lithographs drawn for the purpose, and not existing in any other form.
They are published in limited editions of 75. Each copy is numbered and has been signed by the artist.
All lithographs are printed in black with a tint background.
Due to the lenghty 'hands-on' process and the fact that no two lithographs are identical, they are widely regarded as 'original' prints.

lowry, Francis Terace, signed print lslowry

Francis Terrace, Salford
Published October 1972 According to notes by Ann Baer, the selection of Lowry's work she donated were drawn on transfer paper by the artist,
transferred to stones by JE Wolfensberger of Zurich, and printed by them in black with variously tinted
textured backgrounds. They were all commissioned by Genymed Original Editions and published in signed limited ediitons of 75 copies each,
with small labels giving the titles stuck to the backs.
There were sixteen subjects, published between 1966 and 1972. This comprises all the original graphic work the artist ever did.