L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

We have small range of framing to compliment the work we sell.
Below are a few examples
We are often able to frame the work whilst you browse in the studio
The art of framing with hand tools has long since dissappeared.
in its place we have sophisticated computer based machines which cut an accurate angle and join the moulding with metal pins.
A more precise finish, but lacking the 'old expertise.

Most of our framing these days is using conservation materials and museum glass, which protects and enhances the work considerably.

frames gold and silver
Silver frame 2.5" and gold frame 2" wide

wood frame with gold line
Wood Frame approx. 1.5" wide

pewter frame with silver line
Pewter/silver Frame approx. 2" wide

gilt frame large
Large gilt frame 3" wide

gilt traditional frame
Gilt tradional style 2.5" wide

Lowry signed prints for sale.
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