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Is my signed limited edition print
more valuable in its original framing?

Misleading information

Some 'sales' people will tell you that it is always best to leave the work in its original framing, and as such it will be more valuable.
Sounds a logical statement, as antiques etc. are always more valuable in their original state, without renovation.
It is Not the case with signed limited edition prints however, and this is a misleading piece of information.
In the 1970's conservation framing and UV blocking glass did not readily exist..
The prints were framed more or less the same as a poster print would be framed.
Usually held to the mount with sellotape, or the mount was simply stuck onto the print with a good 'dollop' of glue all round.
Unfortunately some sales people will mislead a potential buyer, either knowingly, or for their own ends (eg. no easy access to a framing workshop)
There is only one important factor in the value of a signed, limited edition, and that is condition.
Some titles are more susceptible than others to UV damage (fading) due to poor inks and paper that has been used.
Most titles are fine.
However, we are looking at work that is in most cases 50 years old, and if it has survived well until now,
it is not essential to have the work expensively framed to conservation standard with special glass in order to preserve it, if well looked after
Fading is due to the sunlight bleaching the colours..
please see..Britain at Play
A faded print cannot be restored and most of its value is lost, or rather, difficult to find a buyer.
So in conclusion, if you like the original frame and it fits well in your decor.. Great..
But if you prefer to reframe the work into something more suitable, then that is fine too.. and you will not be devalueing the work in any way.

The 54 signed limited edition titles have been produced using photo lithography
ie. When published each one is absolutely identical
There is no difference in quality or value in any particular number
It has to be said however, that the most important point, is how the work has been looked after over the last 40-50 years
Due to the inks and paper used, some titles are more susceptible to fading from the UV in sunlight than others
This process is irreversible

Original etchings and old silkscreen prints produced by hand have created the idea that some work ie. low numbers in the edition are more valuable
This is due to the printing process where the plates are inked, and it is suggested that earlier numbers could be slightly clearer than the later ones.
Some sales people can unwittingly confuse a client by implying one number of a photo litho is better or more valuable than another
This is completely incorrect.

Conservation framing and 'museum' UV blocking glass was rarely in the 1960's and '70's
Prints were often attached to the mount with sellotape (not acid free tape used frequently today)
The print was often stuck onto board using glue and a heat press
Its life from publication to the present day is the most important factor of any print
If it has survived the last 50 years and is in good condition with strong original vibrant colours
then it will probably be fine for the next 50 years, as long as it is kept away from strong sunlight and damp
Normal 2mm. picture glass cuts down UV by 50%, so with double glazing it is generally quite safe
UV is not particularly expensive (approx. twice the price of 2mm. glass), so if you wish to be 100% sure it is a good option
Museum glass cuts most of the UV and has non-reflective properties too
This gives a superb effect, but comes at a cost.
Museum glass for a good sized picture could be £200-300

The number of prints in the edition, does have a certain bearing on value
But this has to be weighed against the subject matter
'The Cart' 850 edition will always be more valuable and sought after than 'The Lowrys' 300 edition for example