St. Stephen's church, Salford 2; original

L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

lowry, st stephens church, salford 2

"St. Stephen's Church, Salford 2"
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Original Drawing

The Church of St. Philip with St. Stephen is based on Wilton Place in the west of Salford, close to the city's Meadow parkland and the University of Salford campus.
A stone-built Georgian church in the Greek style, the church was built in 1824, and is one of Greater Manchester's finest examples of Georgian architecture.
Designed by architect Robert Smirke, the distinctive rounded front of the church has inspired similar designs around the country, including two London churches.
Originally St. Philip's, the church took on its present name when nearby St Stephen's Church closed in 1962,
and the church took over the running of St. Stephen's parish and congregation.

limited edition prints and paintings by wildlife artist David Shepherd,
Also the work of Sir William Russell Flint whose paintings
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