The Best way to sell Art

L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

Making investments in art can help you generate income for your future, and at the same time beautify your home. Even if you chose to hang the work on the wall, it will hopefully appreciate with time. The longer you study this field, the more experienced you will become. New artists are advised to start by doing some research. It is good to start by visiting museums to get acquainted with experienced painters. Marketing brochures and galleries can also be very informative. A capital investment of around 9 thousand pounds or slightly higher can be enough to start this business. If you decide to hold pieces, not selling them for a quick profit, you may earn more in the future. It is not good to hurry if you do not have enough capital to start, keep your interest for entertainment, and this will help you to learn more about the industry. Decide what history is most marketable and if it fits what you like. With one year of experience an artist could possibly paint a piece that could sell at around 1000 pounds. Find a good story which fits your work. An intriguing story draws clients and helps the price of paintings to increase. What you sell should also be rare, the lesser the copies of work circulating around the more you are likely to earn. Surveys have shown that those who undergo mentoring and training have a higher chance of succeeding. Study how your fellow artists are doing financially. Some of them sell their products at art fayres; this presents a straightforward valuation of their work. For those who have a problem in valuing their work it is worth for them to find out what someone else had quoted. If you want to find out about a painter who has never attended an art fayre, try to inquire if he displays his work at the galleries and exhibitions. Creating a network of artists can be particularly beneficial. One can join a group of artists who display their work collectively, this is a good avenue to meet potential customers. Inquire how fellow artists are able to impress their clients, and how they are able to keep them for a long time. British art works are an important part of the artist's study, as they are recognized all over the world. Make sure you modify the ideas you collect to suit your requirements. To succeed in this business it is important to understand how you can make more money through your limited edition prints and signed prints. The name of an artist on an art print or limited edition will make it more valuable, it can increase the price by several times atleast. Some people buy art because they want to satisfy the emotions of their hearts. For this reason an artist needs to be very creative to satisfy this group of customers. To widen your market always advertise your eye-catching pictures through national publications, local newspapers or you can even create your own website. David Tatham, fine picture dealer for more than quarter of a century, has an extensive knowledge of the biography L.S.Lowry. Signed, prints and drawings can be seen and purchased from the Lowry website. signed limited edition prints and paintings by wildlife artist David Shepherd,
Sir William Russell Flint whose paintings and signed limited edition prints are in great demand.
Famous for his portraits of Cecilia, Flint's greastest works illustrate the architecture and landscape throughout rural France
This holiday house near Brantome, in the area of Dordogne is ideally situated to enjoy the France.
The work of Mr L.S. Lowry has become of great artistic and financial importance of recent years. A selection of his signed prints and originaldrawings can be viewed and bought here
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