St. Simon's Church

L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

lowry st. simon's church framed

"St. Simon's church"
Signed, Limited edition print of 300
Image size 14.75"x 11"
Published in 1972 by Grove Galleries.
Copyright in all countries

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Lowry made his initial sketch of St Simon's Church in 1927 at his father's suggestion. Generally, Robert Lowry expressed little interest in his son's work but
thought that this building, due for demolition, might appeal to him. When Lowry returned to the site, a month after making his sketch, the church was gone!
The related painting in The L.S. Lowry collection in Salford, A Street Scene (St Simon's Church), was completed in the following year.

St. Simon's Church by Lowry: A Captivating Signed Limited Edition
St. Simon's Church by L.S. Lowry is a remarkable piece of artwork that holds a unique place in the world of art.
This signed limited edition print, available on the website, encapsulates the distinctive style and subject matter for which Lowry is renowned.
With its captivating depiction of the iconic St. Simon's Church, this artwork invites viewers into a world that is simultaneously nostalgic and timeless.

L.S. Lowry, an eminent British artist, was known for his characteristic industrial landscapes and distinctive matchstick figures.
St. Simon's Church showcases his unparalleled ability to capture the essence of a place through simplified forms and a limited color palette.
The print showcases the artist's masterful use of composition, perspective, and line work to convey a sense of depth and atmosphere.

Lowry's fascination with urban scenes is evident in St. Simon's Church.
The painting portrays a bustling cityscape with the church serving as a focal point, a symbol of tranquility amidst the surrounding activity.
Through his unique artistic lens, Lowry imbues the scene with a sense of nostalgia, evoking emotions of familiarity and warmth.

The signed limited edition offered on adds an element of exclusivity and collectability to this already captivating artwork.
Owning a piece of art signed by the artist himself enhances its value and personal connection.
It allows art enthusiasts and collectors to engage with Lowry's work in a more intimate and profound way.

St. Simon's Church by Lowry, available as a signed limited edition on, is a testament to the artist's unparalleled talent and ability to capture the essence of a place.
Through its simplified forms, limited color palette, and unique perspective, the artwork invites viewers into a world that is both nostalgic and timeless.
By owning this signed limited edition, art enthusiasts and collectors not only acquire a captivating piece of art but also a cherished connection to the artist's legacy.
St. Simon's Church serves as a reminder of Lowry's profound influence on the art world and his ability to inspire emotions through his unparalleled artistic vision.

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The work of Mr L.S. Lowry has become of great artistic and financial importance of recent years.
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