St. Philip's Church, Salford

L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

lowry, St. Philip's Church, Salford, signed print lslowry
"St. Philip's Church, Salford"
Signed, Limited edition of 75
Image size 14"x 10"

This building is still standing, or atleast it was the last time I passed, nothing much seems to have changed, although I'm sure it will soon
make way for another block of 'luxury' apartments in the constantly changing face of the city.
The print run edition of 75 , as with 'County court, Salford' is very small, it is not to be confused with the original lithographs,
the publisher felt that these two images had more local significance and therefore decided to keep the edition low.

Lowry always explained to curious clients why he felt a drawing was as important, if not more important than a painting.
He felt it could be more effective and dramatic; also it was more difficult to achieve a satisfactory result in black and white,
as there were no colours that could be used to cover up and hide mistakes.

A short biography of L.S.Lowry

Prints and Lithographs
There are approximately 54 signed prints and 17 lithographs;
Approximately 26 unsigned, limited edition prints;
and many open edition, poster prints of decorative value only.
The signed prints have an embossed stamp, by the Fine art trade guild, or that of the publisher;
Some titles are simply signed and numbered,
and several titles eg. 'Mill scene' print, 'Level crossing' print and 'Market scene' print are simply signed in pencil by Lowry,
but not stamped or numbered, although they are limited edition prints (editions of 750).