Crime Lake; signed limited edition print

L.S. Lowry

lowry, signed print, crime lake
"Crime Lake"
Signed, Limited edition of 500
Stamped by the fine art trade guild
Image size 18"x 24" (49 x 61 cm.)
Overall size complete with frame and mounting, allow an extra 8" to 10" width and height eg. 27" x 33" (69 x 84 cm.)
Published by the Adam Collection in 1971
Bollin House, Bollin Grove, Prestbury, Cheshire.
Printed in Vienna, Austria by Max Jaffe, an excellent printer of the highest quality used for many of Sir William Russell Flint's publications

This scene depicts 'Crime Lake' as in 1942, but is very different now.
Many tales are told of the place.
The facts are 'Crime' is derived from an Anglo Saxon word 'Crymel', meaning 'a small stretch of land or water'.
This lake was formed about 1794, after the great storm which swept England.
It supplied water to the Fairbottom Canal, opened in 1797.

Crime Lake by L.S. Lowry: An Enigmatic Journey into the Artist's Mind

Crime Lake, a signed limited edition artwork by the renowned artist L.S. Lowry, is a captivating masterpiece that offers a unique glimpse into the intricate world of one of Britain's most celebrated artists.
Available on the website, this remarkable piece encapsulates Lowry's signature style and encapsulates his fascination with industrial landscapes and the human experience.

Lowry's distinctive artistic vision comes alive in Crime Lake, showcasing his meticulous attention to detail and the poetic simplicity of his compositions.
The painting's muted color palette, featuring shades of gray, brown, and ochre, enhances the industrial setting and evokes a sense of desolation.
The viewer is drawn into the scene, where towering chimneys, factory buildings, and viaducts dominate the landscape, mirroring Lowry's personal connection to the urban environment.

What sets Crime Lake apart is its limited edition status and the artist's signature, emphasizing its collectible value.
Owning a signed edition not only grants access to Lowry's artistic brilliance but also offers a tangible connection to his legacy.
Each stroke of the brush, carefully crafted by the artist's hand, reveals his unwavering dedication to capturing the essence of the working-class experience and the spirit of the industrial era.

By acquiring Crime Lake through, art enthusiasts and collectors have the opportunity to enrich their personal art collections with a cherished piece of Lowry's oeuvre.
Moreover, this limited edition artwork serves as a testament to the enduring influence and timeless appeal of Lowry's work, making it a sought-after addition to any art connoisseur's repertoire.

In conclusion, Crime Lake by L.S. Lowry is an extraordinary piece that invites viewers to immerse themselves in the artist's world.
Its limited edition status, combined with Lowry's distinctive style, ensures its place as a coveted treasure for art enthusiasts.
Through, this artwork opens a door to understanding the genius of L.S. Lowry and his profound impact on the art world.

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