Burford Church signed limited edition print

L.S. Lowry

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Burford Church
Signed, Limited edition print of 850
Image size 23.5"x 17.5"
Numbered and stamped by the publisher
Copyright in all countries inc. USA

This is Lowry's only signed, limited edition of Burford Church.
One of Lowry's rare vists outside the north of England.
This signed print is in excellent condition, and shows no signs of fading, which unforunately is so typical with this title..
It has been mounted in a conservation quality, acid free french bound mount.

Malmesbury and other chroniclers record a battle between the West Saxons and Mercians at Burford in 752.
In the end AEthelhum, the Mercian standard-bearer who carried the flag with a golden dragon on it, was killed by the lance of his Saxon rival.
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records A.D 752.
Cuthred, king of the West Saxons, in the 12th year of his reign, fought at Burford, against Ethelbald king of the Mercians, and put him to flight.

The church of St John the Baptist in Burford is a Grade 1* listed building.
Building work began in 1175 and was complete by 1500, probably on the site of an earlier church.
The early work is most evident around the West Door, which has been dated at 1175, the wood and ironwork is original.
The tower also dates from this period, although it was much smaller.
Most of Burford church was completed in the fifteenth century, including the addition of the spire.
This was not without drama as ambition overcame caution and the whole tower started to move.
Evidence of the shoring up process can be seen at the base of the tower and modern surveying techniques are employed to monitor any further movement.
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