Our Town signed limited edition print

L.S. Lowry

Lowry, Our Town, framed, signed print lslowry
Our Town
signed,limited edition print of 850
Published by Grove galleries
Copyright in all countries inc. USA.
Image size 17" x 24.75"

The original work was painted in 1943
Oil on canvas, 43 x 62 cm
Part of the Rochdale Arts & Heritage Service collection
Lowry referred to his industrial landscapes as dreamscapes as they were largely imaginary compositions
based on memory and numerous pencil sketches.
He described the bleakness of urban life using a very limited range of colours, ivory, black, vermilion (red),
Prussian blue, yellow ochre and flake white.
Typically in this work Lowry blended stark realism with touches of humour. Two madly capering figures and
an enormously fat man stand out against the colourless background and the crowds of hurrying figures.
The original painting is on display at Touchstones Rochdale
The Esplanade, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England, OL16 1AQ
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