Head from the Antique

L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

lowry head from the antique original drawing

"Head from the Antique"
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Original drawing,

What do you call a sculpture of a head?
A portrait bust - the most intimate form of sculpture, is a carved or cast representation of the head (or head and neck).
Some sculptors also include the shoulders and chest, but most do not. A bust may also be called a 'Head' or a 'Portrait'.
Why is a head sculpture called a bust?
1690s, "sculpture of upper torso and head," from French buste (16c.), from Italian busto 'upper body,
'from Latin bustum 'funeral monument, tomb,' originally 'funeral pyre, place where corpses are burned,'
perhaps shortened from ambustum, neuter of ambustus "burned around,' past participle of amburere 'burn around,

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