Four unknown paintings

L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

"Four rare works by renowned British artist LS Lowry have been discovered at a family home in Harrogate.
lowry first class original painting
First class: This picture, originally bought by the anonymous couple from LS Lowry himself, was sold for £165,000
Lowry paintings 50 years old, left in a cupboard for years fetch nearly £400,000 Four obscure paintings by 'matchstick man' artist LS Lowry that have spent the last few years in a cupboard have sold for nearly £400,000.

One of the paintings has been previously unseen, were bought by a husband and wife 45 years ago before Lowry became well known. The family hung the inexpensive paintings on the walls of their home , and saw the reputation of the Lancashire artist grow. After they both died within the last three years, the artwork passed down to their four children, who stored them in a cupboard for safe-keeping until they decided to sell them.

One of the paintings, of a man posting a letter in a red postbox that was bought directly from Lowry in 1965 and sold recently for £165,000. The oil painting has hardly ever been seen before as it was bought by the couple two years after it was painted. Another, of a man pulling a cart, sold for £55,000 while one showing a mother pushing a pram through a crowd of people made £64,000.

LS Lowry (1887-1976) lived in Greater Manchester, and became famous for painting industrial landscapes. He is known for his distinctive 'matchstick men' style, which depicts figures with thin bodies and large heads. Lowry claimed to be a 'simple man' who could not understand modern art, but is now regarded as a major artist, with much of his work exhibited in a purpose-built museum in Salford. He was a notoriously private man who hated publicity, and was secretive about his job at the Pall Mall Property Company, where he worked for decades to support his artistic career.
lowry valuable original painting
'Valuable' A painting showing a mother pushing a pram through a crowd of people made a hefty £64,000 - while even a basic pencil drawing reached £34,000

lowry beatnik original drawing

'When they bought the paintings, people in the art world knew who Lowry was, but it was a few years before he came to public attention.
'They spent their money very wisely on acquiring what could prove to be a very good investment.
'The paintings hung on the wall of their home in Harrogate but they have been stored in a cupboard since they both died.
'The Lowry works haven't been seen for more than 40 years.
'They are utterly fabulous, especially the one of the man posting the letter which is stunning due to its simplicity and contrasting colours.'
The sale comes at a buoyant time for the art market, which is seen as a relatively safe place to invest money during this period of turmoil in other markets.

lowry playful original painting
'Playful' A man pulling a cart sold for £55,000.
Lowry's distinctive style is well known now,
but when these paintings were bought he was almost unknown.
Even a basic-looking pencil drawing of Lowry was sold for £34,000.
With all the fees added on, the total price paid for the works of art was more than £375,000.
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