On the Sands; signed limited edition print

L.S. Lowry

lowry, on the sands, signed print lslowry
"On the Sands"
Signed, Limited edition print of 500
Image size 15"x 22.25"
Numbered, not stamped
Printed by Chorley Pickersgill
Copyright in all countries inc. USA

Very difficult to pinpoint the exact location of this painting.
I have head people swear it is on the south coast near Deal.
Others insist itis the north east of England in Sunderland where Lowry used to take many of his holidays at The Seaburn Hotel.
and some peole are sure it is from the North West of England, near Maryport.
It could in fact be mixture of all three locations, as for Lowry, the most important factor is capturing and portraying he atmosphere.
This is a much 'lighter', happier, painting by Lowry, he was probably at his most relaxed when visiting the seaside, far away from the heavy industry of the mills, factories, and smoke.

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