The Harbour

L.S. Lowry

lowry, harbour, signed print lslowry
"The Harbour"
Signed, Limited edition print of 850
Image size 16"x 22"
Stamped by the fine art trade guild
Published by Venture prints in 1972
Copyright in all countries inc. USA

This painting is of Maryport
Maryport in the north-west of England, the town was established around 122 as one of several Roman localities called Alauna.
It was a command and supply base for the coastal defences at the western extremity of Hadrian's Wall.
The town contains substantial remains of the Roman fort, which was the last in a series that stretched southwards along the coast from the wall to prevent it being avoided by crossing the Solway Firth.
Geomagnetic surveys have revealed a large Roman town surrounding the fort.
An archaeological dig discovered evidence of an earlier, larger fort next to, and partially under the present remains.
After the Roman withdrawal from Britain the town would have diminished in size and importance without a military presence.

The Harbour by L.S. Lowry is a remarkable signed limited edition artwork that encapsulates the artist's unique style and captures the essence of his beloved industrial landscapes.
This masterpiece, available through, invites viewers into a world where imagination meets reality.
L.S. Lowry was renowned for his distinctive portrayal of urban scenes, and The Harbour is no exception.
The painting depicts a bustling harbor scene with boats, cranes, and figures going about their daily routines.
Lowry's meticulous attention to detail brings the scene to life, evoking a sense of activity and energy.

The limited edition nature of The Harbour adds to its allure and collectability. With only a finite number of prints available, owning one becomes a cherished possession for art enthusiasts and Lowry aficionados alike.
The signed edition further enhances its value and authenticity, providing a direct connection to the artist himself.

Lowry's use of a muted color palette and simplified forms creates a sense of both nostalgia and timelessness.
The industrial setting and the figures engaged in their daily toil reflect the social and cultural milieu of the time, while also resonating with contemporary viewers.
The Harbour serves as a visual reminder of the human stories intertwined with the machinery of progress.

In conclusion, The Harbour by L.S. Lowry is a highly sought-after signed limited edition artwork that captures the essence of the artist's iconic style.
Its availability through makes it a prized possession for art enthusiasts.
Through his meticulous attention to detail and distinctive portrayal of industrial landscapes, Lowry creates a timeless and evocative depiction of a bustling harbor scene.
The limited edition nature and the artist's signature further enhance its collectability and value.
The Harbour stands as a testament to Lowry's enduring artistic legacy and continues to captivate audiences with its rich narrative and visual allure.