L.S. Lowry

R.B.A., R.A.

lowry going to the match lslowry
"Going to the Match"
Signed, Limited edition print of 300
Image size 27"x 21"
Published in 1972 by the Medici society
Copyright in all countries
Printed in Austria
One of Lowry's most sought after signed, limited edition prints.
Originally part of the RA Collection-The Lord Rhodes
The original painting was bought by the Professional Footballers Association in 1999 for approx. £2,000,000
It is now on display in The Lowry Centre

One of the many football subjects painted by Lowry, who was always keenly interested in sport: football and cricket in particular.
Many of these pictures have either direct or imaginary links with Burnden Park, Bolton, home of Bolton Wanderers football club, a ground
only a few miles from Pendlebury and often visited by Lowry. as a young man. However, as with so many of his Industrial Landscapes
, his football pictures are usually a "composite" of the actual and the imaginary, incorporating a variety of elements from the stock mythos of
Lowry's imagery.
Factories, buildings and streets, woven into a "vision". As Lowry said to the writer, "If I had shown things as they are-it would not have looked
like a vision. So I had to make up symbols.
With my figures also, of course". The picture therefore is not a picture of a particular football match but a vision of all football matches.

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